“This initiative hopes to aid in reaching gender parity for experienced women photographers. 

It is crucial, equitable and human that the photography that fuels our economy via ADVERTISING be created equally by both men and women.

But, for so many reasons, the world we inhabit is blanketed with images lensed by white men, 90% white men. We know the men and women are now waking up to the new reality where we all deserve a place at the table-all talented, experienced professionals- no matter what gender, ethnic background.

And yet, women are the “deciders,” fueling the consumer market.

Women are responsible for 85% of the consumer purchasing power. 

If these consumers were to realize that fellow women professionals have been and continue to be systematically blocked from getting the lucrative work shooting these ads-to market goods to themselves, as well as the high profile magazine covers for “women of the year”, #MeToo, and #TimesUp covers- they would be horrified.

And even worse, studies* show there is a real danger of consumer backlash. 

*per the 2017 JWT study”

— JG